"When perfectionism is driving, shame is riding shotgun, and fear is that annoying backseat driver"     - Brene Brown

Renee Taylor Valentin


 Like many people I was first drawn to the practice as a form of exercise movement. Before long I found myself searching for "more". Turns out the physical practice of yoga (asana) is merely the tip of the iceberg. Asana provides us the opportunity to move with intention. In a studio setting, we practice our yoga with others, holding space for ourselves and those around us while keeping our bodies tuned in. This results in a more comfortable physical existence. Each lesson learned on the mat translates impressively into life off the mat. As an instructor sharing this practice of awareness perfectly blended with discipline & curiosity is both an honor & a privilege. I hope to challenge students enough to help them identify their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Both are to be embraced & appreciated. This powerful practice has absolutely changed my life in ways I had never imagined. It is my greatest hope that all people find empowerment, body mind and spirit, both on & off the mat.