Leigha Owens-Prichard RYT200

After years of searching for fulfillment in physical activity, Leigha found herself on a yoga mat in Eugene, Oregon. She fell in love with the practice and the opportunity it provided for her to abandon the modern pressures of trending diets, and workout plans. The gentle influence of yoga deepened her commitment to her personal health and happiness over the last 10+ years. She completed her teacher training at The Zen Spot institute in Eugene in 2016 and was excited to bring it with her to Ashland the following summer. Anxious to share her knowledge and to continuously learn, you will find her classes to be driven, and all inclusive. Drawing from several types of yoga she shares a flow that is both strengthening and restorative for beginner and advanced students alike. Leigha invites you to commit to yourself during your personal practice in a welcoming and warm environment.