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Erin Frank RYT200

The thing that brings us to the mat may not be the same, but it is Erin’s hope that we can all find what we are looking for in one of her classes. Erin’s aim is to offer as much physical challenge as the individual desires, while connecting to the breath, the body, and the collective energy of the room. She focuses strongly on alignment, while aiming to keep the atmosphere in the room light and relaxing.

Erin took her first yoga class at U of O in 2004. She mostly did yoga though whatever was offered at her gym, but in 2009 found herself at a heated Vinyasa studio which is where she truly connected with her practice. Connecting breath with steady movement helped in creating an inward focus in a way that no other practice had done before. She could see very direct effects of her focused yoga practice in other aspects of her life off the mat both physically and mentally, and she decided she wanted to be able to share that with others. Erin got her RYT certification in 2016 and is currently working towards a 300 IAYT Yoga Therapy certification.