Balanced Hot Yoga Class Descriptions


Each instructor choreographs a particular series of breath work and movement for each class, so you'll never get the same class twice. Many of our classes are accessible to beginners and advanced practitioners alike; however, we invite students to select the class that best meets their needs. Our  instructors are happy to assist students in modifying postures to accommodate illness, injury, or lack of mobility however we cannot accommodate large amounts of individual attention in a group class setting. Flow classes are open to beginners & generally designed to provide a great full body experience every class will help build your capacity for balance, strength & flexibility. We do have instructors excited to work with you individually & teach you how to modify your practice to accommodate your specific needs, feel free to speak with your favorite instructor at the front desk or email the studio to request a private session. Privates range from $40-$75 per hour depending on the instructor & # of sessions purchased. 
Hot classes are generally designed to be challenging and all levels at the same time. Our instructors create opportunities for personalization through giving students options to intensify or back off regularly throughout classes. Students are encouraged to take rest & water whenever needed. Everything we do in yoga is optional & you are encouraged to make the practice your own. 

Balanced Vinyasa Flow: A great place to try your first class with us. Our classic all levels hot vinyasa flow class composed of an intentional combination of postures designed to challenge your body and your mind. Rhythmic and invigorating, each class will include breath work, core work, spine strengthening, balancing, and meditative mindfulness.

Sunrise Strong Flow 6-7am Monday-Friday: Hot flow is a great way to begin your day. Join us for a 1 hour session to get your day off to a great start! Classes will offer warm up, sun salutations, balancing poses & core strengthening exercises with an emphasis on strength, breath & flow.

Power Flow: Previous experience with vinyasa flow yoga recommended. A more demanding hot vinyasa flow class, focused on strength and conditioning. Powerful sequences composed of strengthening repetitions, targeted endurance building and focused abdominal work. Any experienced practitioner is welcome to take this class and modify it to a gentler level to suit their personal needs. Class is designed to be more challenging than others while modifiable for people who simply like this time-slot but aren't interested in flying pigeon. Its all good.

Core & Restore Flow: Our classic, extra challenging hot vinyasa flow with lots of core power focused abdominal & back strengthening throughout. About 40-45 minutes of class will focus on movement and heat building leaving the rest for de-stressing & breath work. Previous experience with vinyasa flow yoga recommended.

Hot Hatha Flow: All levels hot Hatha flow is a great class for every body, no prior experience is required. This class focuses on proper alignment & offers lots of oppertunity to deeply explore body and mind with less emphasis on “flow” though often times class will certainly flow along. We prioritize stability over mobility while creating both. Remember to bring you sense of humor because building balancing skills can take years and requires consistent practice & a sustainable sense of humor.

Restorative Pranic Flow: Hot vinyasa flow weaved in with music & healing breath work. This class offers a combination of balancing flows linked with deep breathing & continuous movement. The postures become a dance when focus turns towards the breath alignment within the body more so than the external alignment.  Previous experience with vinyasa flow & yoga postures recommended. 

Yoga Nidra: The yoga of sleep. This class is a one hour guided meditative supported (w/props) Savasana. We provide 1 blanket, one bolster, one eye pillow & one zafu for each participant. If you like more props please bring them from home. 

Classic Restorative: A traditional restorative yoga class with fewer postures held for longer periods of time. Focused on releasing negativity and muscle tension, while increasing flexibility and allowing the body a gentle space in which to heal. Restorative classes are warm (but not hot) with blankets, bolsters, straps, and blocks available for use. 

Warm Gentle Basics: A community class designed to cover all the basics, theres much to be gained by going back to basics. This class is a lovely way to begin your day, get grounded and connected to your breath, work up a great sweat, learn some stuff, laugh at your own silliness or lack of morning grace & basically set yourself up for a great rest of your day! 

Candlelight Flow: Our classic all levels hot vinyasa flow done by candlelight every Tuesday at 6pm (during winter months). Warning: Sometimes finding your balance is even more difficult in the dim light (as if it weren't challenging enough already!) so be kind to yourself and remember to take yourself at least 10% less seriously, its only yoga!!