Happy Holidays!!

We have limited classes over the holidays as we too take time to rest, travel & spend with family, arrive early as classes are likely to fill, please register online, we’ll save your spot until 5 minutes prior to the start of class at which point we’ll give it to someone waiting. We will save at least 8 spots per class for people who have not pre-registered we fill these on a first come first serve basis:

Christmas eve 9am 75 minute flow

We are closed Christmas Day

New Years Eve 9am & 1030am

New Years Day 9am 75 minute flow & 11am 75 minute flow

Stay Tuned for a small schedule change in 2019, we are adding a couple classes and have many workshops planned to keep you inspired.

How long are you willing to commit to your practice to see change? How committed are you to creating lasting change in your life?

Its easy to feel the difference in your mind & body after a single class, after a month of regular practice (1-5 times per week) you'll notice a more significant change. Imagine what could happen in 6 months! If you're new to this sort of practice we recommend committing to at least 2-3 classes per week for the first 6 months to create lasting improvement. After you have successfully completed a 6 month program you can find a sustainable rhythm to fit your lifestyle. Athletes, professionals, teachers, moms & students from around the world attribute a regular yoga practice with providing greater performance in all their endeavors. This practice truly is for everybody & it will change your life.

With changing seasons taking time to care for yourself becomes even more important. As we busy ourselves with embracing these transitions we have a tendency to create more stress in our bodies & minds. When you take time for yourself  with your practice you'll have more energy and feel better so you get more out of each day. Your yoga practice will help you work through the symptoms of seasonal allergies and build immunity to them. Regular practice will keep you feeling strong despite the acclimation process as your body transitions into hotter & dryer months. Our bodies dry out during the changes in seasons and the heat and humidity of the studio help ease this transition.  At Balanced Hot Yoga the extra humidity & filtered air promise to help cleanse & detoxify your sinuses from daily exposure to pollens, smoke & other pollutants. 

Flow Yoga To Unite Breath & Movement 

Yoga to Unite Body, Spirit & Mind

A whole hearted approach to your physical practice that will leave you feeling challenged, uplifted & ready for life!


Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.



Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely