Movement with intention is our focus. All of our classes are open to beginner and advanced practitioners alike. We invite students to consider the challenge of identifying & accommodating their individual needs during their practice while keeping within the framework of the given instruction. Our instructors are happy to assist students with modifications both during and after classes. We encourage ANYONE & EVERYONE to try out a few classes here at Balanced to get a feel for the different flows and the different instructors. Who knows… You may just end up having FUN!! 


Balanced Flow: Our Classic hot vinyasa flow class composed of an intentional combination of postures designed to challenge your body and your mind. Often accompanied by music chosen by the instructor to keep the mood fun, focused, or meditative. Every class will have some focused breath work, core work, spine strengthening & balance enhancing elements.

 Restorative Flow: Slightly slower paced vinyasa flow with an emphasis on replenishment. In the hustle and bustle of daily life it is common to demand a lot from our physical bodies and rarely take the time to give back. The restorative flow is a perfect opportunity to focus on the heat building, toxin releasing aspects of your hot practice while also increasing your flexibility physically and mentally. 

 Wake N’ Go Flow: It is recommended that you have previous experience with vinyasa or have taken a few of our full length classes prior to joining us for this flow as there is less time for individual assistance. This is basically a classic Balanced flow class compressed into a 45 minute session to meet the demands of your busy schedules. The heat of the studio facilitates the quick warm up of the body and the flow promises to get you fully prepared to face the day ahead.

 Friday Fun Flow: Funky, fabulous, funny, fantastic, freaky, far out FUN… Who knows what kind of flow Friday might bring. Perhaps a gentle candlelight session, hip hop, country, maybe its gonna be techno starlight party time??? LEAVE YOUR EXPECTATIONS AT THE DOOR and prepare to sweat and have fun!

Non Heated Community Flow Class: 8$ drop in classes designed to make our studio accessible to our entire Eugene community. Though we anticipate this flow to most closely resemble a Balanced Flow most days we appreciate the flexibility to offer unique classes from guest instructors during this time as well. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and MindBody scheduling app for the most up to date information.