— Special Events at Balanced Hot Yoga —

Enjoy our unique offerings for opportunities to deepen your yoga practice, to restore and heal, & to learn and play!

  • The Ancient Practice of AstroYoga: An Introduction & Elemental Flow with Emily Ridout, Sat. March 9th 2-4PM

    Yoga and Astrology have been linked for thousands of years. Come learn the basics about how the zodiac and your yoga practice align through this powerful practice.

    Then, experience an AstroYoga flow led by Emily to balance elements and ignite your astrological potentialities.

    This is a first, introductory course to a series of more specific and in-depth AstroYoga workshops to be hosted at Balanced with Emily in the near future.


    Reserve your spot today and expand your understanding of Self, the cycles of the starts and the moon, and how your yoga practice can be informed by and complement these natural patters for greater balance.

Knowledge of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign is recommended for a deeper learning experience, but is not required :)

Look up your free natal chart Here!

Come ready to learn, discuss and flow! Class is non-heated.

Investment: $25 Earlybird, $30 Day-Of. 15% Off for Members

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  • Plant Spirit Meditation Healing: Journey Into the Authentic Self with Victoria Moonflower. Saturday, 3/23, 4:30-5:30

    Nettle medicine teaches us to be proud of who are, encouraging the expression of our true, authentic selves. A wonderful springtime ally, Nettle clears the stagnant energies of winter, closing the cycle of reflection and prepares our whole being for the season of creation, expression and joy.

    Come prepared to meditate for 30 minutes. We’ll spend the first 15 preparing ourselves for the journey with song, energetic cleansing & a brief intro. Participants will then ingest a medicinal alcohol-based Nettle tincture & dive into meditation. Last 15 minutes are open for sharing.

    Early Bird Registration: $12 (by 3/19)

    Day Of/At the Door: $15

    BHY Members:15% Off!

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  • You Down, Dog? Downward Dog Alignment workshop with Libby Cox. Saturday, 3/30, 2-4:30PM.

    Let's take a closer look at one of the most common yoga postures in public flow-based yoga classes: adhomukha svanasana, or Downward Facing Dog pose.

    How many downward facing dogs do you practice in a typical class? How many do you do each week? Traditionally, this posture is a resting pose. Is that perhaps surprising to hear?

    Learn common misunderstandings about the boney alignment in this posture, and learn to experience your own best transition techniques into, out of and within downward dog.

    It can be a posture that invites ease and relaxation in the body-mind. (And it's Libby's favorite yoga pose!)

    Stay Tuned for More!... 

    This workshop is the first in a series of practical, applicable alignment based postural workshops that Libby will be offering at Balanced. Students who attend this first workshop will receive 5$ off of the next alignment workshop in the series!

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We believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone!

We are thrilled to offer 2 classes every week for a reduced drop-in price!

  • 10:30am Mondays: Warm Gentle Basics - Community Class $9 drop in (Room will be warm and cozy, not hot)

  • 12pm Fridays: Balanced Power Flow - Community Class $9 drop in (Regular Hot class)